Valentine's Day Flowers, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

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Looking for the perfect bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers to send to your sweetheart?
You can’t go wrong when you send your Valentine a dozen red roses, they proclaim "I love you" and stand for love, passion, and respect. Red may be the traditional colour of Valentine's Day flowers but pink and pastels can be just as well received.
Even though there are lots of occasions each year to spoil them, it is interesting to understand just why Valentine’s Day is so special and why the gift of roses are always so popular. It all goes back to Ancient Rome at a time when getting married had been outlawed so men would be more inclined to join emperor Claudius' army (trust me, this will get to the point!). There was a priest called Valentine who strongly believed in love and would marry star-crossed lovers in secret.
When Claudius found out about this, he had Priest Valentine sentenced to death. While in jail awaiting execution, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter. Just before he was due to go to his death, he presented her with a red rose and a note expressing his love, and this is how the first Valentine’s Day started.
As time has gone on, we still send Valentine's Day flowers and the traditional love messages and heart-shaped box of chocolates and soft toys. Whilst it is important not to forget the occasion and why it is celebrated, it is also a good idea to choose a Valentine’s Day gift that is perfect for your loved one. You can express your true feelings not only through what is written on the card message, but by the number of roses or types of flowers you send.
•A single rose signifies true devotion to a single person.
•When you send three roses, each flower stands for the three words, I Love You.
•Six roses means “I love and miss you.” They symbolise being loved and cherished.
•The classic 12 roses lets the recipient know that you want them to be yours.
•24 roses lets them know that you can't stop thinking of them 24 hours a day.
But what if your loved one is not a fan of roses? Well there are a multitude of other flowers for your valentine to choose from that will work equally well as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Lilies symbolise purity and beauty, gerberas mean happiness, alstroemeria is the flower for friendship and carnations can show love for a woman.
It is just as important not to send the wrong messages when choosing your valentines flowers. Did you know that yellow carnations can mean rejection, peonies indicate anger, and orange lilies mean hatred?
Our florist can same-day deliver your Valentine's Day flower orders for Glenbrook, the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, NSW, Australia, and Beyond. Whatever you end up sending to your loved one, always remember the meaning of the day is to express your feelings and let them know you care. Whether you go for simple or extravagant, any gift will be appreciated because you've taken the time to show your love.